Adopt Bailey

  • Name: Bailey
  • Age: 6-12 Months
  • Gender: male
  • Breed: Agouti
  • Neutered: yes
  • Chipped: yes
  • Health: No known problems

My name is Bailey and I am 11 months old, neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Bailey is litter trained and hasn’t chewed anything so far.

I am looking for a neutered female bunny to settle down with. I will need a large hutch with a run attached permanently for access 24/7. When it comes to bunny homes nothing is ever too large we love space and things to jump on. We need to be fed a diet of Pellets, veg but 90% of my diet needs to be hay. The hutch and run should be set on a paved area not grass as we can dig our way out and more importantly predators can dig in. You will need to think about how you plan to bond, we maybe able to help with this any question please ask.

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