Adopt Cheerio

  • Name: Cheerio
  • Age: 19 Months
  • Gender: female
  • Breed: Dutch
  • Neutered: yes
  • Chipped: yes
  • Health: No known problems

Cheerio is a 19 month old female Dutch bunny that is looking for a single neutered male to live with.

Cheerio enjoys fuss and attention on her terms but overall she is a loving but sassy bunny and defiantly rules the roost!!! Cheerio enjoys exploring and is very adventurous and will do anything for her greens and her treats!!! She has been vaccinated; micochipped and has just been spayed.

If you need help bonding we can offer to do this for you.

They will need a large hutch with a secure run attached. They must have access to the run 24/7 and it needs to be on a paved area not grass.

All our rabbits are neutered, micochipped and vaccinated against Myxi/vhd and VHD2, we ask all new owners to keep the vaccinations up to date.

FAQ's: Rabbits

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