Adopt Raven

  • Name: Raven
  • Age: 1 Year (approx)
  • Gender: female
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Neutered: yes
  • Chipped: yes
  • Health: No known problems

Raven is a very energetic and playful cat, and even though she is a mother, she is still very much a kitten herself.

She loves to run around a lot and play with lots of toys, such as dangly toys on a string, cat nip toys, balls, squeaky toys dangling from the door, and the spinning balls for her to knock round a circle tower. She’s very inquisitive of her surroundings and can get amusingly mischievous at times. She loves a fuss and stroke and will come and sit on your lap for some affection, but being a kitten she can sometimes enjoy playing and chewing and grabbing your hands or legs while fussing her, so I wouldn’t recommend young children, but she’s never malicious, just playful with it.

She always wants to interact with the other cat in the house, and is very confident, and often chases her around, even though poppy doesn’t always appreciate being chased, she just wants to play with her. She’s never gone to fight with her though; it’s always just been playful. She would suit someone who can allow her to go outside and really burn off her excitable energy.

She loves to sit and sleep on window ledges and watch what’s going on outside and do a spot of bird watching. She’s very talkative and will often chat to you when you are around, or when she wants attention. And will want to be wherever you are. Raven is a very sweet and adorable kitten, who provides a lot of entertainment and enjoyment. She would suit someone who has some time to play with her at times, and give her lots of fuss and attention.

We do not re home to families living near a busy road or railway line.

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