‘Angus me coat up, will ya?

Pretty much every time I get a different colouring of cat through the door, they become my favourite.

After Sid moved in, it was black cats.  “Oh, I have SUCH a soft spot for black cats!”  Then Freya arrived.  “Oh, I have a REAL soft spot for tabbies!”  Soft spot got softer with the arrival of Oscar.  Now, with The Girls, “Oh, I have MEGA soft spot for torties!”

…and gingers…

…and white cats with mis-matched eyes…

…and black and white cats….

Let’s face it, I’m SOFT!

But I’ve fostered a couple of tabbies now – as well as living with The Fiends – and I’m back to super-squishy softness for tabbies.  And this has gone into overdrive after meeting Angus recently.  He came to the branch as a stray….and, feeling is, he was dumped.  He was hungry and scabby but quickly recovered into pretty good shape…so he’d not been stray for that long.

And what an absolute DOTE!

He’d settled into Matt and Kirsty’s place – his fosterers – within half an hour and, oh my days, how friendly is this guy?!

I popped in over the weekend to feed n’ fuss him whilst Matt and Kirsty were away for an overnight.  This little dude is the CUTEST!  He’s a chunky chap with relatively short little legs so his whole appearance immediately makes you want to cuddle him.  And he just loves a tickle.  He kind of goes into overdrive dribbliness and can be a little bitey….but they’re those love-bitey bites.  The sort I get from Oscar after he’s licked my hand and arm for a few moments.

We’re not having much luck in getting him his new home at the moment tho’….and no idea why!

Look at that little face….well, it’s a big face, to be fair.  Big and round and chunky-licious!

I often wonder about the back story on stray cats.  We have no way of knowing what their previous situation was and can only imagine and speculate.  How did Oscar end up in a parking lot?  How did Sid start hanging around my neighbourhood (and pick me out as the softy)?  How did Angus end up stray?  Did he have a loving home?  Did they move and Angus got disorientated?  Lost?  With no chip, we’ve no way of finding that previous loving home.  Does he miss them?   Does he hope they’re coming back for him at some point?

Was it a marriage or relationship break-up?  Or having to move to new accommodation?  No place for the cat – just leave it.  That happens all too heartbreakingly often.  Or worse – drive it over to the next village, it’ll never find its way back.

Angus is way too affectionate and trusting to have been stray for very long.  He was looked after.  Could it have been a new baby that signalled his foced exit?  Worries about his nibbly-nibblyness?  I can’t get my head around someone having looking after him so well and then simply turning him out their home.

Anyhow….little nibbly, dribbly Angus needs a new home.  One that’ll love his little chunky tabbiness.  One that’ll love being loved by the friendly little chap.

Any takers?

Another busy week…

…and a busy Saturday to come with our Quiz Night!

A lovely couple popped around to visit The Girls the other evening and it was a roaring success! They could clearly see past the skittishness of the little cats (Flora hiding behind my telly and showing off all the dust bunnies!) – and saw what terrific cats they are. All being well, The Girls will be heading for their new home in a few weeks. Whilst it’s going to be a wrench and I’m going to miss the mischievous scamps, you just KNOW when something feels right. And these people were PERFECT! Warm and loving and crazy about cats – just what The Girls need…

And, as if to add a couple of extra ticks to the box, BOTH Freya and Oscar made an appearance. Freya (grumpiest cat EVER) was happy to take a tickle and Oscar, a bit more circumspect after his days as a stray, hung back…but produced a huge relaxed yawn and gave the couch a good clawing in front of us all. That’ll be it all OK’d then!

I once – stupidly – disregarded Freya’s choice of handyman I was hiring to clear out the overgrown guttering. The first guy popped along to take a look at the building. She jumped down from her usual favourite spot – on top of the bookshelf – and wandered over to him. He held out his hand and she gave it a sniff, then headbutted it. Then sauntered off past him into the garden, as if to say “Follow me, I’ll show you the guttering problems at the back…you could MOW the lawn up there!” Second guy popped round later in the day and Freya made no effort to move from her perch. Simply glared. I should’ve trusted her! I’d already paid the second guy before discovering he’d dumped a bunch of guttering gloop in my green bin – instead of carting it off as promised. Less than two weeks later, I could spot grass growing back happily. Could I get a hold of the chap to get it sorted? Of course not.

And I got nothing but an “I told you so” look when I complained to her about shoddy workmen.

But, back to The Girls, they’re getting more and more relaxed in the house every day and, last night, were both sitting on the couch with me. Flora seems to like watching telly. Probably only a matter of time before I can’t get the buttons off her.

Gina’s taken to stalking and catching a toy, taking it upstairs and announcing VERY LOUDLY in a very CRAZY MEOW, that’s she’s caught it! WWAAAARRRROOOWWWOOO! Nearly had a heart attack the first time she did it and raced up the stairs (am not built for ‘racing’ anywhere…particularly against gravity…). Found her sitting there with her new fave toy in her gob shouting away merrily!

If I stand a little way away and make a fuss, she’ll bring her ‘prey’ to me….ever so sweet. And, sometimes, if I’ve elected to just remain downstairs and holler up the stairs how wonderful she is that she’s caught that BIG TOY, she’ll bring it downstairs to me with a look of “Well, you won’t be able to SEE it from down here, will you?? LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT!”

Darling girls and a wonderful match with their new owners.

So after the visit, Kendall called to find out how it went. There’s a really awesome support network being a fosterer. Terrific people!

I told Kendall the good news. Lots of HURRAHS!

Then Kendall told me about a little cat that had been spotted, presumed dead, around a block of flats. However, when picked up to be put into a carrier to be taken away, suddenly sprung into life and tried to make a dash for it. But, so unwell and weak with flu’, she didn’t get terribly far. She’s been rescued just in the nick of time and is currently under Kendall’s intensive care to ensure she’s taking her medication and getting in some proper nutrition.

In the meantime, Belle and her kittens are at our other fosterer’s home – Lynne – who reports that they’re doing very well but are at that kitteney stage where they don’t do terribly much.

Belle and The Kittens (sounds like an 80’s girl band!) will be back at Kendall’s in a while and the little survivor tortie will move to mine. Turns out she’s dreadfully nervous. We doubt she’s feral – probably just been stray a long while. So, once she’s completed her antibiotics and is on the mend, she’ll be moving in here. And the little tortie can then take as long as she needs to come ‘round. I’ve got the time and a very quiet house, so it’s a good place for the more skittish cats that want to hide and be left alone for a bit. Cats can learn to trust again…but it’ll be in their own time.

Our big Quiz Night on Saturday…whoop!! Looking forward to it. Tho’ my stock answer for every question is ‘Kylie Minogue’…it’s BOUND to come up at some point! There might still be time to enter a team, if you’re quick – Parkside Hall, Ampthill – 7pm. Get in touch if interested.

Do you have any spare time?

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**Taps fingers impatiently**

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